Fundraise With Us

//Fundraise With Us

As part of our  WE approach Maami Foundation encourages men and women, young and old, to do the things they love, with the people they love. By fundraising with an activity or event you love not only will it be beneficial to us, but also important to you. Funds raised by your event will help Maami Foundation to run our support projects for orphaned and vulnerable children.  How can you host an event you ask? We can provide all the resources and guidance you will need to make your fundraiser a success. The ideas are endless; you can host your own fundraiser at home, with friends or in public. Don’t forget to charge a token whilst having fun. If you have any questions leading up to your event, please email:

Here are a list of ideas we came up with:

  • Five a side football: All you Ronaldo’s, this is a chance to show off your dribbling skills. You can organise a match challenging your mates or work colleagues as part of a football fundraiser.
  • Quiz night: A great opportunity for all budding encyclopaedia brains to show off, it can be themed to suit your taste. For example, you could organise a film trivia night of Disney movies and even go the extra mile by asking people to dress in their favourite Disney character.
  • Knitting: This is another fun and rewarding way to use your skills in helping raise funds, even if you are a total rookie. It could be a great way to learn and discover a whole new hobby. For instance, sales proceeds from knitted baby blankets and socks can be donated for use for premature baby.
  • Film night: You can create your own cinema, by picking an entertaining film of your choice whilst hosting a film night for family and friends.
  • Fashion show: Not only do you get to raise money but also it is a platform to showcase your talents and get new customers.
  • Give it up: Very simple get sponsored to go without something that you always do or take, like chocolate for a month, reading magazines or eating out. The money you raise and or save can be donated.
  • Games day If you fancy yourself a whiz at games like scrabble or chess, why not have epic game contests.
  • National evening: Hold a themed national night and serve different national dishes from around the country or you can choose to share food from around the world.
  • Book club: Start a book club, and invite friends to join. You can hold a theme by reading all the books of a famous writer for a period of time, and it is not only rewarding but remember ‘readers are leaders’.
  • Family Sports day: You can organise a sports day for your local community, hosting different events like egg in spoon, sack race, limbo, three-legged race. These are all great ways to fundraise whilst still having fun and it caters for all ages. You can set up small stand of nibbles to fetch more money by charging a token and also have raffles.
  • Karaoke night: For budding ‘Beyoncé’s and Mariah Carey’s, impress your friends and family with your singing ability and try out favourite tunes.
  • Sponsored silence at work: Make your boss and colleagues happy by remaining quiet for a few hours or go the whole stretch of the day only using certain methods to communicate.

How can I share my event?

We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to tweet, insta and facebook photos of your event with the #maamif .