If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

African Proverb

By choosing to partner with us, not only are you bringing happiness to a child’s life but also investing in the development of the country. You can choose to select MAAMI Foundation as your organisation’s charity of the year. This will not only benefit us but also allow you to engage and network amongst your clients and customers, enhance your company’s profile, receive charity tax gains and create awareness. You can decide to support generally, or fund a specific project that we run. We will work with you to ensure your donations benefits the orphaned and vulnerable children we support. Other non-financial ways that you may partner with us are:

Film makers: By making short documentaries  and using photography to highlight some of your work to be sold and used to raise funds, website designers and graphic designers could use such in creating fliers, adverts and banners.

PR & lobbying: Writing articles for publications, press releases, letters to supporters and governmental organisations to influence laws and bills in favour of these children could help advance the aims.

Administrative: If you can help with accounting, legal, finance matters. We would love to hear from you.